requesting a donation

Welcome to our Donation Request page. We receive numerous requests for donations of funds, products, coupons, or gift cards each month.Because of the large number of requests we have had to put in place a process to help us choose wisely. Following that process will give each request its best chance at success as it allows us the ability to take the time to understand your cause, make sure it aligns with our purposes, and designate funds if approved. If our donations budget has been reached for the month but we desire to support a cause and we are able to make an adjustment we will only choose the requests that have followed the process we have put in place which is as follows.

1. Complete request at least 30 days prior to your desired deadline.

2. Ensure your contact information is correct.

3. Please be descriptive and clear in your communication so we fully understand your cause, the reason for your request, and desired hopes in the requested sponsorship. 

4. If you do not receive a confirmation message that your request has been received within 24 hours there may have been an internal error. Please submit your request again.

5. Please wait 7-10 days after your submission for a response. Our Public Relations Manager will contact you.

We do not make any guarantees of approval prior to final contact. This means we may contact you after discussing the request if we have any questions or are uncertain about the information provided to us. If your request is approved we will contact you and state you have received a final approval and give you further instructions.

Thank you for being a part of The Bean 3:16 famiy.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...